Al’s Basic Expectiations

Session Start Time & Keeping in Touch:

Well, I am one for having the session start at the agreed upon time. I’m sure just about everyone has been to a session and ended up waiting on a key player/character (or even the GM) to arrive so the group can get started. I also understand there is the need to chat and stuff.

Basically I operate on Lombardi Time, named for famed Football Coach Vince Lombardi. His premise was “If you are on time, then you are LATE!” This means that I have a firm start time and expect that those who wish to chat before the game get there early.

Let me add that if you are going to be late OR not be at the game then please CALL and let the group know. This way we won’t be left worrying about you or wonder what happened to you.

Paying Attention:

Also know as “Keeping the Game Moving.” By this I mean pay attention to what is going on in the game. Know your spells, special abilities, and the basics of the game mechanic. I recommend that you mark on your character sheet where things can be found (book and page number). I have no problem clarifying a point or telling you how an idea you have will work (game mechanics wise).

When your turn comes, know what your character is going to do, etc. Having to stop the game so you can run through an in-depth analysis of the current situation or look up a spell or a special ability, just takes some of the fun from the game for everyone. Do NOT expect the GM to let you stop everything to finally think, tell you how a spell or ability works, or just let you gather your thoughts.

When it is your characters turn and I call on you, be ready. Having a blank look, giving a analysis of what the current situation is, going “ummm, ummm…” etc. will result in you not doing anything as I move on to the next person.


Basically none of us can read minds, especially during an RPG session in the heat of a combat. Everyone has to speak up when they have something to say.

This actually applies to outside the game, such as communicating if you are going to be late or can’t make it. And the sooner the better so everyone else in the group can plan accordingly. We all have lives outside of the game, and so I only expect players to make three out of every four sessions.

If you are running late or not coming, and no one hears from you, personally I will be worrying about your safety and not how this might impact the game. If I know what is up then we all can press on.


Albiegamer's "General RPG Style" GamerDude